Setlist Prize Draw

It’s Raffle time! As announced previously, we have at least 4 setlists from each gig on the recent March tour to give away – as you can see on the photos, 2 handwritten ones by Andy Diagram, and 2 printed ones from the night (which will not be as accurate due to last min changes).

Prizes will be drawn as:

1st prize – illustrated, handwritten main set
2nd prize – illustrated, handwritten acoustic set
3rd prize – printed main set
4th prize – printed acoustic set

Some venues have spare printed sets – Bath has a spare main and acoustic – RAH has 3 spare acoustic and Newcastle has a spare main one (although it’s misprinted as Stoke on the header!)


Cost of each entry is a £2 donation and we can ONLY do this via Paypal. If you don’t have Paypal, message us via Twitter or the Contact link here and we will send a request to you and you can then pay via Paypal, but with a card. Paypal allows us to keep all the details and money in one place, for security and transparency. You can enter as many times as you like, for one or for multiple gigs.

1. Log into Paypal
2. Click on Send Money
3. Type in “” to the Send Money To box
4. Click Family and Friends Payment (or we will be charged a fee)
5. Enter the amount you want to donate (£2 per entry) and MOST IMPORTANTLY – add a note saying which gig or gigs you want your entry to go into (ie. 3 x Stoke or 2 x Edinburgh and 3 x Carlisle)
6. Click Send Money Now

Before the draw, I will make a list of everyone who has entered so you can check your name is down.

We are in consultation with Andy to nominate a charity to support – it’s likely to be a small one supporting a non-mainstream cause so that the donation will make a real difference to their activities. If you were involved last time, you’ll remember that it was Orchid Cancer, who helped a close friend of Andy’s and he’s thinking along a similar line for another charity. We will also raffle the Portuguese setlists separately, in aid of a Portuguese charity.

Raffle will be open until 30th April and drawn shortly afterwards, hopefully by Andy Diagram if possible.

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